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LED Ceiling Lighting Products
Brillianz Electronic Systems “A British Company” provides ground breaking lighting technologies that transform working spaces, reducing carbon footprints and saving significant amounts of money for clients through reduction in both power consumption and maintenance. 

Based in Welwyn Garden City Brillianz Electronic Systems has design and assembly facilities in a modern well-equipped unit and can deliver a range of ground-breaking lighting technologies. The products are set to radically change the energy saving, reliability and performance of lighting. 
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Professional Lighting grade LEDs which are the only LEDs we use, have LM70 certification of over 50,000 hrs. meaning that the loss of brightness over 50,000 hrs. is less than 30%.  We design and manufacture many of our products in the UK and provide an extremely flexible approach to meeting our clients’ specific requirements. This means that we can design, manufacture or source a better performing LED replacement for almost any type of traditional lighting installation required by organisations. Not only that, but we attempt to provide form and fit compatible product to minimise the disruption of the transition to a low energy, high performance lighting environment.
LED Lighting Products
Working closely with development partners around the world, including major LED manufacturers and technology leaders, Brillianz is well positioned to exploit patented and licensed technologies, technical and manufacturing collaboration and to support its own and OEM products.

Brillianz designs and develops its own LED luminaires as well as sourcing from strategic OEM and ODM partners. The Choice of LEDs depends on the nature of the Luminaire and its original manufacturing source.  All Brillianz LEDs are selected from industry acknowledged global sources and include Cree, Samsung and Lynk Labs (using Epistar die).

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Brillianz Online Brochure

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