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Case Study - F Hinds

Brillianz Electronic Systems has worked closely with clients to execute their required LED Lighting solution.
Please find the below case study with F Hinds on the “R48 [BayLite recessed]…
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The BayLite R48’s are providing clear bright white illumination in the
display cabinets within the F Hinds stores replacing 150W MH Lamps. These lights will deliver consistent in light for a minimum 50,000 working hours which in the F Hinds retail business will mean over 10 years. Energy & Maintenance costs have been reduced between 60% - 80%.

Customer Comments:
"We are very careful about how we spend our cash", said Neil Hinds, a director of the company. The payback on this lighting initiative, together with the improved merchandise illumination and reduced maintenance, was a compelling argument to proceed straight away".
Neil Hinds, April 2012

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