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Carbon Reduction

Brillianz Electronic Systems, a British company has designed and developed LED Lighting Solutions for the key market sectors.

Please read below a little background regarding the “Carbon Reduction” opportunities LED Lighting can deliver…
The environmental impact of LED lighting is better than other illumination technologies – it produces more
delivered Lumen output than all the other sources :

  • Incandescent 20 lm/watt
  • Halogen 35 lm/watt
  • Fluorescent 80 lm/watt
  • Metal halide 80 lm/watt
  • LED 90 / 120 lm/watt

Clearly illustrated above is how LED Lighting delivers more performance per watt used. So by switching from other forms of illumination it can  provide typical savings of around 60%. It is predicted that energy cost could double over the next 10 to 15 years... FOOD FOR THOUGHT.

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Brillianz Online Brochure

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