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Case Study - Pysiological Society

Brillianz Electronic Systems has worked closely with clients to execute their required LED Lighting solution.
Please find the below case study with The Physiological Society on the Nova PaneLite 1195 x 295"…
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Nova PaneLite is providing clear bright auditorium illumination in a suspended ceiling configuration. These lights have been linked and are dimmable and controlled via a remote infer-red device also by a fixed communication system located on the wall. These lights are providing consistent light for a minimum 50,000 working hours which in the York House office development will mean between 15-20 years. Energy & Maintenance costs have been reduced between 60%-80%.

Customer Comments:
“The Brillianz flat panel lights are perfect for the auditorium giving excellent light quality that is very controllable. The Brillianz team listened carefully to what we wanted and designed a system that both looks good and functions brilliantly!”
Philip Wright PhD, Chief Executive

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